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Choose a professional Realtor who advertises on The Open House Show.  The Open House Show is the perfect way to host an open house for potentially thousands of home shoppers.  In addition, your home is featured on The Open House Show's searchable database of properties for sale.


Realtors who advertise on the show all have the same commitment

to their sellers:  Use every tool available to sell your home quickly. 

TV is that extra, above-and-beyond way to sell your property as

quickly as possible.


Is your Realtor hosting an open house?  The Open House Show is the

perfect way to notify home shoppers THAT DAY that your home is open to

take a tour.  Just ask your Realtor to host the open house the day your home

is featured on the show!




The Open House Show is the ultimate listing tool, and a powerful way to market your seller's home.  By advertising on The Open House Show, you'll put the broad exposure of TV into your marketing plan.  Here's what you'll get:

  • With only 30 homes for sale featured on the show each week, you'll be a part of a very exclusive club of other agents who are able to tell prospective home sellers that you'll feature their home on TV.

  • The Open House Show creates a unique virtual tour of each property, which includes a professional voice description of the home.  Feel free to use that virtual tour on any social platform you choose.

  • A Facebook tour of each new listing on our Facebook page, that you can share

  • Artwork for listing flyers, sign toppers, and other promotional materials

  • Your portrait and company's logo on each 30-second home profile

  • A simply, user-friendly property management system that allows YOU to control and customize your 30-second home profile each week

  • A powerful way to market home builders

Use the CONTACT page for more information and pricing. 


Happy house hunting!!

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