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The Clumsy Guru
of Home Improvement

When you need a job done around the  house, well, you might want to call someone else!  Because when Cal Cooper is on call, you can expect the unexpected.  Watch this self-proclaimed guru try to earn a living by doing the down-and-dirty remodeling on The Open House Show.  You'll laugh as you relive your do-it-yourself nightmares as things go wrong for Cal time and time again.  Unfortunately, Cal doesn't mean to be funny.  In fact, we don't think he even has a sense of humor. He just likes to do things his way, which isn't always the right way.

The Bumbling
British Gardener

The grass is never greener on the other side when you have the expertise of the man who almost got a job clipping hedges for Windsor Castle for Her Majesty the Queen of England.  Nigel Pendelton, gardening expert, would have gotten that job had it not been for the unfortunate leaf-blower incident that got him fired from the Royal Academy of Fauna and Flora!  The Open House Show is honored to feature such a brilliant gardener who is more than willing to share his fascinating techniques for gardening.  We must, of course, post a warning not to try Nigel's ideas on your plants at home. 

The Intimate
Interior Designer

The only thing Tomàs del Guapo loves more than interior design is, well... himself.   


But when it comes to his job on The Open House Show, there's just nothing more exciting!  


Tomàs takes us through some of the most beautiful homes on the market, providing us with his very personal opinion on every thrilling detail. 


You'll learn to love his quirky, intimate manner.

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